1. Judy Miller (Author)

Hi All! I’m Judy Miller, a technology evaluator, content writer and part time radio jockey. Reviewing technologies for years has been a part of my job and in that Alexa has been my favourite. The way she has made my busy life more manageable. She has become my best friend. People keep asking me how I manage everything so well but Alexa is the secret. She reminds me to drink water, go to the gym, take a break and even pay my bills. She is even my personal encyclopedia who keeps updating me with everything worldwide.

2. Homer Schuman (Website Developer)

Hi All! I’m Homer Schuman, Website development and Mobile App development. Dedicated Freelancer developer. Designing a website or mobile app is a lot of work, but running a successful business is necessary. It’s the first impression a potential customer gets of your company, so making a good one is essential.

3. Eddie Kim (Graphic Designer)

My name is Eddie Kim. I have been a graphic designer since 2010. My passion lies in designing for the web, print and other media. I have worked with various companies and clients across the globe. Expert Graphic Designer | Design Consultant | Presentation Specialist | Animation, & VFX.