How to make Amazon Alexa Default Assistant on Android

Voice assistants, such as Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant on Android, have become standard features on new generation smartphones thanks to recent advances in the artificial intelligence (Al) sector. Using these voice assistants is as simple as saying the magic words. As long as you set them up right, they’ll save you time and effort. Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated assistant, is also gaining in popularity. The Amazon Echo Dot’s voice-activated assistant, Alexa, can perform various activities linked to innovative home technology. For its ease of use and capacity to handle several jobs, consumers frequently praise Alexa. You may prefer Alexa to Google Assistant, even if Google Assistant is pre-installed on your Android smartphone. But I don’t know how to get it working.

You don’t have to worry anymore since here are the step-by-step steps for setting Alexa as your Android’s default voice assistant:


Opening Google Play is the first step. Get the Amazon Alexa app and install it on your phone. If you have an older version of Alexa installed on your device, you must update it to the latest version.


Open the Alexa app and connect your Amazon account with the login credentials.


You’ll need to access your device’s settings for this step. After that, click on “Apps.”

Step 4: 

Select “Select Default Apps” from the drop-down menu.


Afterward, pick Amazon Alexa as your default voice assistant by tapping “Assist and voice input.”

Step 6:

 If you agree to the terms of service, follow the on-screen instructions and click “Agree.”

Step 7:

 Alexa is now your phone’s default speech assistant.

Step 8:

Use Alexa by pressing and holding the home button on your phone or tablet for two seconds. The first time you use Alexa, you’ll be prompted to give access to several features. The only way to use Alexa’s microphone and location are to allow her permission.

Step 9: 

Now that Alexa has your permission, you can do whatever you want with her.

It’s as simple as saying the wake word once Alexa has been installed and you’re ready to go.

Getting to grips with Alexa

To activate Alexa, all you have to do is hold down the home button on either device. To get started, you’ll need to provide access to your microphone and accept a few permissions. When you bring her up, Alexa’s trademark blue-green color appears at the bottom of the display. The top portion of the image will seem slightly shady as if it were somewhat darkened. What Alexa does is show you what you’re looking for in visual form when you ask a question. A comprehensive weather report will be given to anyone who asks for it. To get movie times, ask for the movie poster. However, there are a few limitations while using Alexa on Android. To utilize Alexa, you must press and hold the home button on your iPhone or iPad. You won’t be able to activate Alexa by squeezing the sides of the Pixel 2 either. Don’t forget to add any skills or devices you want to control from your phone to the Alexa app. You’ll be able to use Alexa to view videos and perform other tasks as soon as you’ve completed that step.


It would help if you now understood better how to set Amazon Alexa as your Android’s default assistant. Many tasks may be performed with the intelligent assistant, such as controlling your smart home and connected devices, retrieving information from the calendar and music library, opening apps on your smartphone, and even finding information online (restaurants, traffic updates, directions, etc.)


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