How to disable Amazon Sidewalk without alexa app

Amazon Sidewalk, a project in the works for many years, has now been released. Amazon Sidewalk, the company’s first big foray into extended community networking, will serve a few purposes for owners of smart home devices. For many smart home devices (such as bright lights, locks, and cameras), Sidewalk seeks to bridge the bandwidth gap by utilizing low-power broadcast methods like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and parts of the 900MHz radio spectrum. Sidewalk also aims to improve internet connectivity for the same gear set. Automatically activated devices will go live on June 8th. Every Amazon Echo model released since 2018 and several Ring devices are examples of Sidewalk-ready hardware. (A complete list of supported hardware can be found here.) Many customers are concerned about Sidewalk-enabled Bridges, which can only operate on Sidewalk’s BLE bands for speedier setups and broader Wi-Fi coverage on your property.

Sidewalk Bridges: The kings of Sidewalk

Echo Show 10 and Ring’s Spotlight and Floodlight Cam play a distinct function in Amazon Sidewalk plans than Amazon’s fourth-generation Echo speakers. At the time of introduction, only these four types of devices could transmit signals across large distances in the 900MHz band. Even though most Echo and Ring devices can communicate and share BLE signals (similar to a router-based mesh network), Sidewalk is pushed to its limits by 900MHz-capable machines. Sidewalk Bridges would provide Wi-Fi-adjacent coverage for places prone to intermittent Internet in areas as far as half a mile with signals projected to be cast by the bridges. In addition, Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices like Tile and CareBand have a far wider coverage than tracking devices that use A-to-B Bluetooth communication from your phone to the tracking device. What if your dog gets stolen? It’s possible to track your dog from miles away using Fetch (Tile’s latest — a Bluetooth-trackable dog collar) and Sidewalk community networking. This is a significant improvement over the limited range of a non-Sidewalk neighborhood. However, it’s important to note that Fetch hasn’t yet launched, but it is a particular Amazon product.

Users’ privacy and data

Even if every Sidewalk Bridge gadget owner wanted to transmit live video from their device, the reality is that not everyone will. Sidewalk Bridges can broadcast by borrowing a sliver of your home’s ISP-provided Wi-Fi and then reclassifying that iota of bandwidth as a 900MHz low-power signal, even though Amazon has gone out of its way to being transparent about all of the security measures taken to operate Sidewalk (read the whitepaper here). All Sidewalk Bridge devices (which is hardly enough bandwidth to stream 10 minutes of HD video) will have 500MB monthly limitations and 80Kbps caps on data transmitted from Bridge devices to Amazon servers, Amazon said. All data flowing into and out of homes and neighborhoods will be protected by various sophisticated encryptions, which users can also expect. Despite this, some people may feel uneasy about allowing their ZIP code to use a little portion of their Wi-Fi. Amazon Sidewalk, after all, is a brand-new game in the Amazon universe. As with any brand-new tech tool, Sidewalk will likely be in its infantile (and bug-ridden) stage for some time after its debut. Additionally, the Internet service you’re paying for each month is being mined for data transmissions. There is a limit of 500MB per month for Sidewalk Bridges, but you might have used it to boost your home’s internet connection.

Sidewalk owners can opt out of Amazon Sidewalk if they don’t want to give up any of their monthly Wi-Fi bandwidth or are not ready to hand over their user data to digital giants. How to turn off the service can be found in this guide.

How to disable Amazon Sidewalk without using Alexa App

  1.  Open your Ring app
  2.  Then open your Control Center by tapping the three-lined icon. This can be spotted in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Choose the ‘Sidewalk’ and use the toggle icon to opt-out
  4.  Then you will need to confirm your opt-out from the service. 

The future of Amazon Sidewalk

While Amazon Sidewalk is an entirely new service, getting all the wrinkles worked out will take some time. There’s a lot to like about a well-functioning Sidewalk community in a safe world. Thanks to Sidewalk’s latest additions, our favorite smart home gadgets, like Tile, CareBand, and others, will have better tracking and improved connectivity. We’ll also see more brands join the Sidewalk family. Even if you’re optimistic about Sidewalk’s future, you can reject the service if you’re worried that seamless perfection is still far away (or unachievable).


I hope you got a clear idea about how to disable amazon sidewalk without using the Alexa app. It can be done by disabling it from the ring app. Read the article properly to understand the sidewalk concept properly. 

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