How to delete devices from Alexa app

Your Echo-powered smart home may fall apart if the Amazon Alexa-connected intelligent home technology becomes unwieldy. It’s easy to confuse your digital assistant and cause issues with your bright home voice commands when Alexa pulls in many devices and scenes from various applications and skills, often utilizing room and device names that are precisely the same. Using this approach, you can easily remove devices from Alexa’s list if you’re tired of hearing her say things like, “A few items share that name; which one did you want?” or “Please try again using “percent” for brightness or “degrees” for temperature” after giving basic smart home voice commands. Please find out how to get rid of Alexa smart home devices with the same name and address and how to disable, delete, or remove them from your Alexa-powered home.

How to delete devices from the Alexa app

Make sure that all of the devices (and scenarios) that Amazon’s digital assistant has built up for your smart home are working properly before you begin troubleshooting Alexa issues. It’s possible to find outdated devices from a previous skill in the list, and emptying this list can typically resolve command issues. Even though it’s a simple procedure to delete devices from the Alexa intelligent home app using voice commands, it takes some time.

  1.  It’s as simple as going to “Devices,” then “All,” in the Alexa app and selecting “All Devices.” An alphabetical list of all the smart home devices linked to your Alexa account will appear, along with icons indicating the device type.
  2.  To delete a device, select it and then hit the Settings icon located in the top right of the screen.
  3.  A list of linked devices will appear, along with information on how they were accessed.
  4.  The trash symbol in the top right corner is tapped. The pop-up will ask you if you want to delete the item. That’s all there is to it.

If you wish to remove multiple devices at once, you can use the Alexa web interface at on your PC or Mac to accomplish this more quickly. Here are the steps.

  1.  Using the Amazon account that you use for Alexa, log in to
  2.  In the side menu, select Smart Home and then choose Devices.
  3.  You’ll then be presented with a list of all the devices linked to your account. To confirm your decision, select Forget and then click the blue Forget button in the pop-up window that appears.

Using the online interface saves much time compared to the Alexa app.

How to disable intelligent home devices for Alexa

Stopping Alexa from controlling your gadgets may be more convenient than removing them entirely from the Alexa setup. It’s easy to disable an intelligent home device via the Alexa app in these cases. Instead of clicking the trash can icon, toggle the Enable setting off in step 4 of the procedure outlined above. As a result, the device is still listed in your list of connected devices, but it is greyed out at the bottom. At any moment, you can reactivate these features. This is critical if your Alexa system is bringing in devices from several skills. Using SmartThings or the native Hue skill, for example, a Hue lamp can be connected to Alexa. Delete the SmartThings version, for example, and it will disappear for a while before reappearing when you discover new devices. A device’s source can be identified by tapping on it and disabling rather than deleting it; the trick is to do this. All of my ‘inactive’ devices are displayed at the very bottom of your list, where they are safe from my prying eyes.

How to organize smart home devices to avoid voice command issues

Alexa’s inability to accurately identify which device you wish to manage when you ask a specific voice command causes a lot of duplicate difficulties. If you ask Alexa to turn on the kitchen lights, for example, she might respond, “A few things share that name; which one did you want?” because you have innovative heating, smart speakers, and other intelligent devices in the kitchen as well. You can do a few things here to make your smart life a little more convenient. You can begin by removing or deactivating problematic devices using the above procedures. When you link your account to Philips Hue with the Hue skill, you may import individual smart bulbs and entire rooms’ worth of settings. The most important thing to accomplish with the Alexa app is to ensure that everything has a unique name. Ensure that ‘light’, ‘heating,’ and other terms are clearly labeled. Even if you don’t identify your intelligent bulbs with the word ‘light,’ Alexa will recognize it and use it when finding devices with the same name.

  1.  You can rename a device by going to Devices in the Alexa app and selecting All Devices.
  2.  Tap the Settings cog on the device you wish to rename and choose a new name from the drop-down menu.
  3.  It’s now time to fill in a name for your account.
  4.  The final step is to press the back arrow.

To ensure everything is working, it should play around with words and labels that feel natural and test out a few voice commands.


I hope you got a clear idea about how to delete devices from the Alexa app. Read the above article carefully and follow the instructions and guidelines given. 

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