How to Control Your Amazon Echo from Anywhere Using the phone

The Amazon app (on iOS) and the Alexa app (on Android) both let you control your Amazon Echo even if you can’t hear it in the other room (on Android). Far-field speech recognition is one of the Echo’s most talked-about features.” It allows the Echo to hear your voice from a distance, even if the music is playing. If you want to manage the Echo from a neighboring room, however, you may not be able to because of walls. It’s also impossible to give Alexa a voice command while you’re away from home. With that said, you can still control your Echo with voice commands using Amazon’s iOS shopping app and the Alexa app for Android. Alexa on your phone isn’t able to operate your Amazon Echo directly, but it does communicate with your Alexa account and allows you to control your smart home devices by voice using Alexa on your phone. According to Amazon, this capability will be coming to the Alexa app for iOS shortly.

How to Control Alexa From Your iPhone

The microphone button in the Amazon shopping app on the iPhone is used by Alexa for voice search. Of course, you can still use it for that, but Alexa is now fully integrated. Here’s how to get started right away.

  1. If you don’t already have it, download the Amazon iOS app. To use the microphone, go to the top-right corner of the screen and hit the microphone button.
  2. At the bottom, click “Allow Microphone Access.”
  3. To allow the app to use your iPhone’s microphone, press the “OK” button.
  4. Alexa can now be used simply by tapping the microphone button first, and then stating your command—there is no need to begin with “Alexa.” When the blue bar at the bottom lights up, she’s paying attention.

How to Control Alexa From an Android Phone

Fortunately, Amazon has integrated Alexa within the Alexa app itself, making it easier to use on Android.

  1. To begin utilizing Alexa on your Android phone, you must first upgrade the app to the newest version. To activate Alexa, open the app and then press the “Alexa” button near the bottom.
  2. Next, hit the “Allow” option to give Alexa permission to utilize your phone’s microphone and location to hear your voice commands and help with location-based queries.
  3. At the bottom, click “Done.”
  4. After that, you’ll be able to use Alexa right away. It’s as simple as pressing the “Alexa” button and starting to speak.
  5. In contrast to the Amazon app for iPhone, Alexa leverages your Android device’s screen to provide you with more information about your request. This means that when you ask for the weather, you’ll see a forecast appear on your screen. For example,

Like an Echo Show or Echo Spot in your pocket, you can ask Alexa for information about nearby coffee shops. One drawback of these apps is that they don’t offer the same level of speed and always-on listening as the Voice Remote or the Echo (which you can just pick up and speak into). For those looking for a far less expensive option that they can also use when away from home, Amazon’s app and Alexa’s app are excellent choices.

How to Remotely control access to amazon Alexa

Alexa can be summoned by speaking directly into an Amazon Echo. But what if your Echo isn’t nearby? Even so, you’ll still be able to use Alexa to perform tasks and access content. You may use the Alexa app to control an Echo device from afar. Reverb for Amazon Alexa is an app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices that allows you to communicate with Alexa. You may also buy a remote control for your Echo from Amazon. Let’s take a look at the various ways you can use Alexa and your device from a distance.

  1. Use the Alexa App.

Your internet Echo devices can be programmed to play music or audiobooks using the app. Open the app on your smartphone or tablet to begin the process of logging in. Select Music & Books from the hamburger menu on the home screen. The Browse Music link can be found at the bottom of the Music & Books screen. Select the Echo device you wish to use to play music or other audio content from the drop-down arrow on the Music screen. Tap Finished. Select the music service you want to use and then press it. Check out Amazon Music for a sample.

  1. Amazon Music

To search for music on Amazon Music’s main navigation bar, select a category from the list at the top of the page. You can also look through your music collection. Select the object you want to play with by tapping on it. You may now utilize the built-in player to play, pause, go forward, move backward, and shuffle your music.

  1. Reminders, Alarms, or Timers

You can also use your Echo device to set reminders and other stuff. You may get back to the main menu by tapping the hamburger icon (). Reminders & Alarms can be tapped. Select the Echo device from the drop-down menu. Reminders, Alarms and Timers are all links you can tap. A reminder, an alarm, or a timer may now be added to your preferred Echo device, and it will ring off when you set it.

  1. Use the Amazon App

You may use the Amazon shopping app to order new things from Amazon, play music, search for information, and listen to Kindle books with voice commands. Users of iOS and Android devices can download the Amazon app from their respective app stores if they don’t already have it. Open the app and tap on the Alexa icon at the top of the screen.

  1. Microphone Access

It will ask for access to your microphone the first time you do this. To enable the microphone, press the button.

  1. Tell Alexa What You Want

Next, the program asks for your search criteria. Using Alexa is now easier than ever before. If you started placing orders on Amazon, they’d be over the moon. It’s still possible to use your Echo device to perform a variety of tasks, including asking Alexa to play an album from Amazon Music or search the internet, for example.

  1. Reverb for Amazon Alexa App

Using the Reverb app, you may converse with Alexa and take advantage of the many Alexa skills at your disposal. You can download the mobile app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. In addition, the Mac Software store has the app available for download. Open the application. To begin, you’ll need to check in using your Amazon account and consent to the Reverb app being connected to your Alexa account.

  1. Ask Alexa

An icon of a microphone is then shown in the app. You can just express your inquiry or request by pressing the symbol. You may ask Alexa to dish you quizzes, search for information, and provide you with the latest news and weather reports. Amazon Music, Pandora, and similar audio services are not supported by the app, so you cannot tell it to play music or read audiobooks.


I hope this article offered you an idea of how to use your phone to control your Amazon Echo from anywhere. Use the Amazon app on an iPhone or Android phone to control your smart home gadgets when you’re not near an Echo device. As a result, instead of speaking to the Echo, you will use Alexa on your smartphone or tablet to transmit commands to the Echo. If you’ve linked Alexa with your smart home, this is a useful tool if you want to control lights or play music while you’re out of the house.


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