Alexa App shows no internet connection

Using Amazon Alexa as a personal assistant is great, but it only works if it can access the internet. To heed your command, Alexa needs to “phone home” via your home network when you ask it a question or request a task. If you have problems with Alexa connecting to wifi, it’s no longer a … Read more

How to delete devices from Alexa app

Your Echo-powered smart home may fall apart if the Amazon Alexa-connected intelligent home technology becomes unwieldy. It’s easy to confuse your digital assistant and cause issues with your bright home voice commands when Alexa pulls in many devices and scenes from various applications and skills, often utilizing room and device names that are precisely the … Read more

How to disable Amazon Sidewalk without alexa app

Amazon Sidewalk, a project in the works for many years, has now been released. Amazon Sidewalk, the company’s first big foray into extended community networking, will serve a few purposes for owners of smart home devices. For many smart home devices (such as bright lights, locks, and cameras), Sidewalk seeks to bridge the bandwidth gap … Read more

Alexa app not working on android, iPhone, tv

Alexa is a voice-activated virtual assistant (VA) to control Amazon Echo speakers and other smart devices. Most importantly, although hiccups can happen, Alexa and Echo get along just fine. Here’s a quick guide to resolving the eight most typical difficulties with Alexa and your Echo devices. Causes of Common Alexa and Echo Problems It is … Read more

How to play Youtube Music on Amazon Echo

The Echo range of smart speakers from Amazon is one of the best. To function with various third-party apps and accessories, a variety of Echo speakers are available at various price points. Google’s YouTube Music service was omitted from the list. If you want to listen to YouTube Music on your Amazon Echo, you can … Read more

Can I use Whatsapp on the Amazon Alexa Devices

Both the Echo smart speakers and the Echo Show smart displays from Amazon are continually being improved and added new features by Amazon’s Alexa. Video calling has become more popular than ever in the year 2020, as seen by the increased use of this technology. Echo Shows were already capable of calling each other, but … Read more

How to change Alexa’s voice, accent, or language

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Voice assistants, such as Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant on Android, have become standard features on new generation smartphones thanks to recent advances in the artificial intelligence (Al) sector. Using these voice assistants is as simple as saying the magic words. As long as you set them up right, they’ll save you time and effort. … Read more

Alexa Mod Apk

Setting up your Alexa-enabled devices couldn’t be easier than with Amazon Alexa, which makes it simple to get started. Intuitive UI, dark style, home device control, and a long list of other cool features make this software stand out from the crowd. Setting alarms and reminders, ordering groceries, and checking the weather are just a … Read more