Alexa App for Echo Dot

The Alexa App for Echo Dot has lengthy been Amazon’s only assault on the excellent house. The trick seems to be the ‘including it to a playlist’ bit that the App Retailer story mentions. Good to know! It is near as if the language assistant enjoys complicated inexperienced customers of Amazon Echo gadgets.  Amazon Echo has seven microphones … Read more

Can I use Whatsapp on the Amazon Alexa Devices

Both the Echo smart speakers and the Echo Show smart displays from Amazon are continually being improved and added new features by Amazon’s Alexa. Video calling has become more popular than ever in the year 2020, as seen by the increased use of this technology. Echo Shows were already capable of calling each other, but … Read more

How to change Alexa’s voice, accent, or language

A smart home must have a trustworthy hub for all your gadgets to connect to, providing the foundation for one class of hardware to communicate with another. Amazon Alexa is a unique intelligent control system. Using voice commands and the Alexa app, the Alexa voice assistant is integrated into a wide range of Amazon’s smart … Read more

How to make Amazon Alexa Default Assistant on Android

Voice assistants, such as Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant on Android, have become standard features on new generation smartphones thanks to recent advances in the artificial intelligence (Al) sector. Using these voice assistants is as simple as saying the magic words. As long as you set them up right, they’ll save you time and effort. … Read more

Alexa Mod Apk

Setting up your Alexa-enabled devices couldn’t be easier than with Amazon Alexa, which makes it simple to get started. Intuitive UI, dark style, home device control, and a long list of other cool features make this software stand out from the crowd. Setting alarms and reminders, ordering groceries, and checking the weather are just a … Read more

How to play Games with Alexa and Games list

In addition to shutting off the lights and playing your favorite new song, you already rely on Amazon Alexa for many other tasks. But, as you may have guessed, Alexa comes equipped with a slew of useful options you’ve yet to discover. It can, for example, aid you in playing games. A wide range of … Read more

Differences between Alexa and Siri

Siri and Alexa are household names in the digital assistant world and with good reason. Your smart home and daily life will benefit greatly from these handy apps, which can be used on any device. As a result, you can’t go wrong with either one (and you can even have them both in your home), … Read more

Alexa Smart Switch

What Are Alexa Smart Switches?Contents1 What Are Alexa Smart Switches?1.1 How Do Alexa Smart Light Switches Work?1.1.1 How to Connect Alexa to a Smart Switch1.2 Typical Features of the Alexa Enabled Smart Light Switches1.2.1 Why Smart Lighting Is a Good Idea?1.3 Some Popular Alexa Smart Switch1.3.1 Conclusion Alexa is Amazon’s voice-activated smart assistant that responds … Read more

How do I enable Alexa Smart Life?

There has been tremendous growth in the market for smart technology in the last few years. Many common home appliances now have smart and automated counterparts, including smart lights, plugs, thermostats, speakers, and a slew of others. You may use Amazon Alexa to operate any of these smart devices from your smartphone via an app … Read more

Alexa Hands-free on your phone

When you turn on your Echo speaker, Fire TV, or other Alexa device and say “Alexa,” the device will react without you having to push any buttons or tap the screen. The Alexa smartphone app is the only one that requires users to press the “Alexa” button to activate the digital assistant. For now, at least: … Read more