Alexa App shows no internet connection

Using Amazon Alexa as a personal assistant is great, but it only works if it can access the internet. To heed your command, Alexa needs to “phone home” via your home network when you ask it a question or request a task. If you have problems with Alexa connecting to wifi, it’s no longer a … Read more

How to delete devices from Alexa app

Your Echo-powered smart home may fall apart if the Amazon Alexa-connected intelligent home technology becomes unwieldy. It’s easy to confuse your digital assistant and cause issues with your bright home voice commands when Alexa pulls in many devices and scenes from various applications and skills, often utilizing room and device names that are precisely the … Read more

How to disable Amazon Sidewalk without alexa app

Amazon Sidewalk, a project in the works for many years, has now been released. Amazon Sidewalk, the company’s first big foray into extended community networking, will serve a few purposes for owners of smart home devices. For many smart home devices (such as bright lights, locks, and cameras), Sidewalk seeks to bridge the bandwidth gap … Read more

Alexa app not working on android, iPhone, tv

Alexa is a voice-activated virtual assistant (VA) to control Amazon Echo speakers and other smart devices. Most importantly, although hiccups can happen, Alexa and Echo get along just fine. Here’s a quick guide to resolving the eight most typical difficulties with Alexa and your Echo devices. Causes of Common Alexa and Echo Problems It is … Read more

How to play Youtube Music on Amazon Echo

The Echo range of smart speakers from Amazon is one of the best. To function with various third-party apps and accessories, a variety of Echo speakers are available at various price points. Google’s YouTube Music service was omitted from the list. If you want to listen to YouTube Music on your Amazon Echo, you can … Read more

Alexa App/APK Download for Android

Amazon’s Alexa app is a voice-activated digital assistant that uses artificial intelligence to respond to questions. This software provides a one-stop shop for all of your research needs, whether you’re looking for an answer locally or surfing the web. In recent years, the app has seen a surge in popularity. The Alexa app can also … Read more

Alexa APP for Mac

On a Mac, how can I get the Amazon Alexa app? Amazon Alexa is a fantastic technology that allows you to accomplish tasks without lifting a finger. You may utilise Amazon’s voice help system on your Apple device as well as the Echo speakers. Utilize the Amazon Alexa app on any Apple device, such as … Read more

Alexa APP for iOS/iPhone & iPad

In addition to using your Echo devices to issue commands, did you know you can now chat to Alexa on your iPhone? Think of it as Alexa on the go, with none of the excellent features. While Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, is fine, you can use the iOS Alexa app widget on your iPhone or … Read more