Alexa Skills List

It’s difficult to rate the most excellent Alexa skills because everyone’s demands and routines differ. However, if we believe that most Alexa users will find them beneficial, some stand out. When an alarming sound (such as glass breaking) is heard in your house, Alexa Guard, which uses the microphones on your Echo speakers, alerts you. Send a Hug is another of our favorite abilities. You can let individuals you care about know that you’re thinking about them, even if you’re thousands of miles apart. In a medical emergency, several of the top Alexa skills can help. Using the Ask My Buddy talent, you can send alerts to a contact you’ve designated as an “in case of emergency” if Alexa cannot dial 911. If your pet isn’t feeling well, you can utilize the MyPetDoc talent to receive help for your pet. If your cat or dog has to be seen by a veterinarian, Alexa can help you locate one in your area.

Some of the skills –

1. Send a hug

Have a hard time coping? Send a virtual hug to your loved ones by saying, “Alexa, I’m thinking of you” to them. To send a virtual hug to any of your Alexa contacts, tell, “Alexa, send a hug. Keeping in touch with those you care about is essential. Our Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) review gushed about the joy of video chats, but did you know that Alexa can be used to make both audio and video calls? Whenever you want to catch up, use your Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show to make a call.

2. Get exclusive Amazon deals

Amazon Prime members who ask “Alexa, what are your deals?” will be presented with a list of Amazon Prime member-exclusive deals. As soon as you’ve made a purchase, you may use Alexa to check on the progress of your delivery and place a follow-up order. Some excellent Alexa skills are available right now, so check out Amazon’s Voice Shopping website to learn how to activate one.

3. Get the latest weather forecast

Aside from built-in forecasts, Big Sky is one of the most excellent Alexa skills for providing you with the most current weather data. This is because it offers hyper-local predictions based on your home’s street address. Dark Sky data is incorporated into the service, which might provide information on wind speed and humidity.

4. Get nutrition tips

Is your diet in need of a bit of tweaking? To get started, ask Alexa for some fast nutrition advice. A qualified nutritionist should be consulted for persistent concerns about your food. However, the Mayo Clinic can provide some general advice on healthy lifestyle themes through your voice assistant. Ask Alexa, “Alexa, give me some nutrition tips.”

5. Alexa Guard

Smart speakers like the Echo can become security systems by listening for indicators of trouble like glass breaking or your smoke alarm going off. When you’re out of the house, Alexa’s app will warn you of any suspicious activity, which may be quicker than if you were at home. As an alternative, Alexa Guard Plus is just a beefier version of the original. When Alexa detects a problem, it will notify you and contact the appropriate authorities on your behalf. An annual fee of $50 is the lowest you can get for this level of expert surveillance.

6. Talk to Alexa in different languages

The language spoken in each household is not the same. If you and your family are fluent in more than one language, Alexa offers a mode designed for you. In Multilingual Mode, you can chat to Alexa in two distinct languages, and she will understand you regardless of which one you choose to use. Support for English and Spanish will be provided to users in the United States; Indian English is also supported in the country (where Alexa will understand English and Canadian French).

7. Get recipe ideas

If you’re looking for the most exemplary Alexa skills for cooking, you’ll have a hard time narrowing it down to one. Recipes for quick and easy meals can be found at Easy Meal Ideas or from the editors of Cook’s Illustrated’s Daily Cooking Q&A, which provides new recipes, tips, and techniques weekly. You can count on Morton’s Salting Sous Chef to tell you exactly how much salt you need to add to whatever dish you’re preparing. With an Echo Show 8 or Show, say “Alexa, show me recipes” and select your favorite, and Alexa will guide you through the process.

8. Seek help for your pet.

You may use MyPetDoc, one of the most excellent Alexa skills, to figure out what’s wrong with your pet. When you tell Alexa about Fido’s symptoms, she’ll ask you more questions and offer recommendations. If Alexa can’t figure out what’s wrong, it’ll connect you with a veterinarian in a matter of minutes with the information you provided. (Remember that while Alexa can give you some guidance, it’s not a substitute for an official vet visit).

9. Listen to audiobooks

If you enjoy reading, you might also prefer audiobooks since they permit you to ‘read’ a book while doing other things. Audible is the most excellent Alexa skill for listening to audiobooks. Listen to your current book on your Alexa speaker and control it with the help of an audiobook service called Audible. Even if you don’t have the greatest Kindle, you can use an Alexa speaker to listen to some Amazon Kindle books.

10. Call another Alexa-enabled device

Using the Alexa app on your smartphone, you can make voice or video calls to other Alexa-enabled devices, such as the Alexa-enabled Echo, the Echo Dot, and the Echo Show. For people who have the Alexa app or an Echo device, Alexa scans your phone’s address book to locate people who can be contacted.

11. Play some songs

Amazon Music, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and Tidal are just a few services you can use with Alexa to stream music. You can also up or down-vote songs and play specific playlists inside each service. You may create playlists using Amazon’s audio collection depending on activities, eras, musicians, or your mood. You may also ask Alexa to play “80s music for running” or “hook-up music” if you feel adventurous.

12. Find your favorite restaurants

Are you in search of a restaurant? If you want to learn more about the businesses in your neighborhood, ask Alexa. Ask “Alexa, what time does Taco Bell open?”. or “Alexa, where is Wendy’s located?” An address, phone number, hours of operation, and more may be found using this app.

13. Play games

Alexa can also provide a good time. Some of the top Alexa abilities in games include Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, and Spock; 20 questions; bingo; Jeopardy; tic-tac-toe. There are many more trivial skills available. Check out the Alexa app’s Games, Trivia & Accessories section to see what new games are available.

14. Set up a meeting with your colleagues.

It is possible to set up meetings with your friends and coworkers with Alexa as long as you have access to their calendars. Amazon’s virtual assistant can help you choose a time that works for both of you. You can ask Alexa to reschedule a meeting if a conflict occurs after you’ve planned it. iCloud, Gmail, Google Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange are all supported calendars (only through Alexa for Business).

15. Watch TV

Alexa may be used to manage your TV in a variety of ways. You can use the Harmony skill to connect your Logitech Harmony remote to Alexa if you have one. When you say “Alexa, turn on my TV” or “Alexa, pause,” the command is automatically transmitted.

16. Turn your lights on or off

Using Alexa to turn off your connected lights is far faster and more convenient than fumbling with a phone or a light switch. This skill is only helpful if you have a smart plug or light. Several smart-home platforms, such as Lutron and Control4, have skills accessible.

17. Use Alexa as a personal trainer

With the 7-minute-workout skill, Alexa can have you in shape in no time. With “Alexa,” the virtual assistant will offer you a seven-minute workout to help you burn fat, enhance your metabolism, and boost your vitality. When it comes to taking a break, this is the most significant part. You can use these Alexa skills with various health and fitness trackers, like the Wyze Band, to get even more out of your workouts.


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