Alexa App shows no internet connection

Using Amazon Alexa as a personal assistant is great, but it only works if it can access the internet. To heed your command, Alexa needs to “phone home” via your home network when you ask it a question or request a task. If you have problems with Alexa connecting to wifi, it’s no longer a helpful home assistant and more of a financial burden. Alexa won’t connect to wifi, so how can you fix this issue? If your Alexa app isn’t working correctly with your Amazon Echo because of problems with wifi, communication failures, or something else, try some of these solutions to get things working again.

Solutions to get back internet connection on Alexa app

Check Your Internet Connection Even if Alexa can connect to your wifi without issue, there may be a problem with the connection between your router and your Internet service provider. As a result, before you start fiddling with your Alexa’s settings and hitting buttons, be sure your internet connection isn’t broken. To achieve this, you can open a web browser or use an online service on another device linked to the network. Network or internet issues are the most likely culprit if you can’t connect to the internet from another device.

Power-Cycle the Router

My internet is fine, but my router may be the problem. As a result, perform a fast power cycle before making any changes to Alexa’s configuration. It’s possible to power down a router in various ways, but the underlying principle is always the same: After turning it off and waiting for around 30 seconds for everything to clear, you can switch it on once more. Anyone attempting to connect to your router will experience a signal loss. This should only be done if no one is simultaneously playing or watching a movie.

Power-Cycle Your Alexa Device

The same goes for your Alexa device if your router is working fine. On an Alexa device, there is no power button. Thus it would help if you unhooked it from the mains. Once it loses its ability to influence, replug your device after another 30 seconds to make sure it’s a fresh start. When you’re done configuring your Alexa, check to see if you can issue commands.

Re-Enter the Router Details You Gave Alexa

The Alexa and the router may be good, but the router data you provided to your device may not work as well as they should. Going through router setup a second time may help dislodge whatever Alexa is stuck on and get you back connected again. Therefore, if you or someone else recently changed the router password, all currently linked devices will be disconnected. Because they’re still using the previous password, which no longer works, they cannot log in. For security reasons, if this has happened within the last several days, you’ll need to reset your Alexa’s router settings to provide it with the correct password. Open the Alexa app and select Devices from the drop-down menu. Take advantage of the cog in the top-right of your Alexa device to change settings. Finally, press Change on the wifi network’s right-side menu. Once you’ve re-configured your wifi, enter the router password. Please note the old one in case you or someone else decides to change it later.

Change Which Band the Alexa Device Connects To

You might try switching the Alexa device to the other band if your network allows broadcasting on both the 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies. It’s possible that switching to the 2.4GHz band from the 5GHz band will assist enhance the device’s signal strength. Depending on your router, the steps you need to take will be different. The router will occasionally broadcast on two distinct channels for each channel connected to the network. The router may only broadcast one track at a time and automatically arrange the devices into the appropriate bands based on their IP addresses. To see if it helps, try moving the Alexa device from one round to the other on your dual-band network.

Reposition the Alexa Device or Router

Ensure your router and Alexa device are close enough for a strong connection if a distance separates them. According to Amazon’s guidelines, there should be no more than 10 meters or 30 feet between the two. Make sure there is nothing in the middle that could interfere with the wifi signal if they are near together. For example, any other wifi devices in the path between your router and your Alexa hub may cause signal interference. There should be no metal items in the way of this. Be careful to keep microwaves out of the form if you want to keep your wifi signal strong. Wifi signals also have a hard time penetrating densely built environments.

Factory Reset the Alexa Device

If it doesn’t work, you can always do a factory reset to restore your Alexa to its original state. That said, you won’t lose any notes or reminders because Alexa keeps all of its data in the cloud and not on your device. To learn how to reset an Alexa device, check out our guide on resetting an Amazon Echo or consult the official instructions for your product.

Getting Alexa Back Online

While Alexa can be instrumental, it is only helpful if it can connect to your wifi network and access the internet. The following methods should help you track down the culprit in your network and bring your Amazon Alexa back online. There is a slew of voice commands that you can issue to Alexa after the internet connection has been restored. Alexa can do much more than you may expect, from adjusting the level to selecting a number from a list.


I hope you got a clear idea about how to get back to internet connection on the Alexa app. Follow these solutions carefully to get back your lost internet connection and use the services as before.



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