Alexa App for Android TV

In the world of intelligent gadgets, Alexa is one of the most prominent speech assistants. Now, we can use the voice assistant on any device, not just smartphones and competent speakers. The Alexa voice assistant may now be used on various devices, including your Android TV, Windows PCor Android smartphone. Many brilliant TV manufacturers now offer Alexa integration for their Android or innovative TV products.

Smart TVs with Alexa support from companies like Samsung, Sony, and TCL are among the next generation’s most popular on the market. If your Android TV doesn’t come pre-installed with Alexa, you’re stuck utilizing it with Google’s help. While Google Assistant is one of Android’s most widely used voice assistants, it falls short of Alexa’s impressive capabilities. Alexa Smart Speaker can’t be used to open any app on an Android TV by voice command. So, without further ado, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to get Alexa working on your Android TV.

Important Facts related to Alexa App for Android TV

The Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast are direct competitors in the streaming gadgets market, which has led to a long-running feud between the two companies. It’s safe to say that the two firms’ connections have improved, and we expect to see a lot more integration between their products in the coming months.

Google’s Android TV platform is getting Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant as one of the first such integrations. The feature has been activated on Sony TVs in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, and the Republic of Ireland. In the US, it is only available as a Google Play Store app, but in the rest of the world, it is pre-installed and activated by a system update. For some time now, Alexa has only been accessible on intelligent Bravia Sony TVs, but a new update also adds it to Sony’s Android TV lineup.

The Amazon Alexa app may now be installed on select Sony Bravia TVs running the Android TV platform, making the TV an Alexa-enabled smart device. The Alexa speech assistant will be accessible via the TV’s remote control or the TV itself, allowing users to engage with it via voice commands. Customers will need an Echo device to use Alexa’s voice controls.

Users can also use this method to download content to play on their TVs and control their TVs, such as changing the channel or volume. Sony’s Android TVs may now be linked to Alexa accounts, allowing customers to connect their televisions with other Alexa-enabled devices, such as Echo speakers. This will allow for features like audio and video conversations, access to security camera feeds, and the ability to control the TV via a smart speaker. It is already possible to use Google Assistant on Android TVs. Still, adding Alexa on some Sony TVs makes it easier for customers to utilize the voice assistant. This functionality may or may not be available on other Android TV devices.

How to Install Alexa App on Android TV

1. Go to the Android TV app store and search for “Google Play.”

2. Browse Android TV Playstore for Aberto Sonorus App.

3. Installing an app on an Android TV is as simple as choosing an app and pressing the install button.

4. We’ll be able to use Alexa on Android TV with this app.

5. Enter your Amazon email and password to continue

 6. Open aberto sonorous and sign in with an Amazon account for the first time after installing the app. Use the same Amazon account credentials on all of your Alexa devices.

7. Allow access to your profile.

8. Our Amazon account needs to be granted profile-level access to use the Alexa app.

 9. So, what do you call your Android TV?

10. Keep the name basic so that Alexa can quickly call it out from the system. To make it simple to ask Alexa to turn up the MiTV volume, I’ve given my television the name MiTV.

11. Add Apps You Love to Add the app you want Alexa to open with a voice command now. Using voice commands, you can access as many programs as you like.

12. Open the Alexa app on your Android phone.

13. Select the skill tab in the Alexa app’s more section.

14. Alexa skill expansion on Amazon’s platform.

15. Use the Alexa app to find the aberto sonorus app skill.

16. Select Enable to Use on the Aberto Sonorus App to enable it.

17. The Alexa app will be able to access these skills now.

18. Alexa Skill can be enabled with Amazon credentials.

19. Log in to the Amazon app with the same Amazon credentials.

20. Conduct a Device Search for Items That Are Close by.

21. A pop-up will appear once the device is paired, and we can search for adjacent devices. The search for Alexa-compatible devices in the area will take about 45 seconds.

22. Do a Search for Known Devices

We can see the most recent apps on all of our devices. There are now Alexa-enabled devices that can respond to voice instructions.

23. Finally, it’s all over.

You may now use popular terms like Alexa, Turn on Youtube, or Turn up the volume to control the importance of your Android TV with the voice assistant.

Alexa’s Compatibility with Android TV

Some Samsung TVs come equipped with Alexa voice recognition software. With some TVs, Alexa can also be spoken to hands-free, without needing remote control. It’s possible to use Alexa to control compatible smart home devices and some TV experiences even if your TV doesn’t have Alexa built-in, such as an Echo speaker.

The following TVs include Alexa:

  •  All 2021 intelligent TV models
  •  2020 8K and 4K QLED TVs
  •  2020 The Frame, The Serif, The Sero, and The Terrace TVs
  •  2020 TU8000 and above Crystal UHD TVs

You can use Alexa hands-free on these TVs:

  1.  Q950ST
  2.  Q800T
  3.  Q90T
  4.  Q70T
  5.  Q900ST
  6.  Q95T
  7.  Q80T
  8.  LS7T

Alexa requires you to be within 5 feet (1.5 meters) of the remote when you speak to her. You can also use your remote’s microphone button to communicate with Alexa.

Setting Up Alexa App in TV in which it supports

When you first set up your TV, you can select Alexa as your voice assistant. Open the Alexa app from your TV’s Home screen to set it up later.

Get your Amazon account details ready before you begin. The setup process includes the option to create a free Amazon account if you do not already have one.

You’ll first need to connect your phone to your Amazon account.

  1.  You can get to Amazon by scanning the QR code on your TV using the camera app on your phone. You’ll be prompted to sign in when you get there.
  2.  Alternatively, you can use the Amazon sign-in page and enter the permission code displayed on your TV to sign in to your Amazon account.
  3.  It is possible to use Alexa hands-free if your TV supports voice wake-up. More information about models compatible with hands-free operation can be found in the preceding section.
  4.  You can disable Voice wake-up anytime by going to Settings, General, and then Voice Settings.
  5.  You may go to Settings, select General, and then Voice on some models.

It’s now possible to use Alexa on your TV when everything is set up! Please see the section following for further information on how to interact with Alexa through voice commands. Once you’ve installed the Alexa app on your phone and enabled the SmartThings skill, you can use Alexa on other devices like an Echo speaker.

Use Alexa with your TV

You can start talking to Alexa and asking inquiries now that she’s set up. Keep your remote’s Microphone button pressed and ready to communicate with Alexa via voice commands. Say “Alexa” and ask a question if you’ve enabled Voice wake-up. When you use Alexa, you don’t have to think about what to watch or do with your entertainment.

There are a few things you can do:

Search for entertainment

  •  “Alexa, go to [channel number/name].”
  •  “Alexa, open [app name].”
  •  “Alexa, search for [title/genre/actor].”


  •  “Alexa, play [genre] music.”
  •  “Alexa, play the new [artist name] album.”
  •  “Alexa, play [radio station name].”

Control your TV

  •  “Alexa, volume [up/down].”
  •  “Alexa, [play/pause].”
  •  “Alexa, switch to HDMI [number].”

Privacy Information related to Alexa app on Android TV

Amazon has built Alexa with privacy and security in mind, and several layers of defense are in place. You’ll have complete visibility and control of your Alexa experience on your TV. You’ll need to activate Alexa by using the wake word, “Alexa,” to communicate with her. Alternatively, you can use your remote’s Microphone button to speak into it. Your Voice will be recorded and sent to Amazon’s secure cloud only after that. In transit to Amazon’s cloud service, all of Alexa’s interactions with you are protected by encryption. A blue indicator bar will show at the bottom of your TV screen while Alexa listens to your recording. Your voice recordings can be viewed, listened to, and deleted using the Alexa Privacy Settings or the Alexa app on your mobile device. To delete a recording using your Voice, say, “Alexa, delete what I just said” or “Alexa, delete everything I said today.”


I hope you got a clear idea about Alexa App on Android TV after reading this article. Some TV does not support the Alexa app, while some do. We have provided the guide; you can follow this guide to access the Alexa App on your Android TV and continue using its features.

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